About Us

R2H Modern is a visionary art firm with a clear distinctive mission: bringing artists to light.  Established in 2017 by Juliana Roslin, we specialize  in original artwork and commissions, working with  nationally and internationally recognized local artists to curate art collections that move and  inspire. By building strong relationships with our  artists, we are able to learn not only their process of  creating but also what drives and inspires them; going beyond the “how it’s made” to the “why it’s made,” so we can share and articulate their unique essence to others. Acquiring art is not just a simple transaction. Rather, it’s a highly emotional and intellectual experience. At R2h Modern, we set a standard of style, transparency, and convenience for an art acquisition experience that is unparalleled in the market. 

After almost two decades of being immersed in various facets of the art industry, founder Juliana Roslin brought the R2H Modern vision to fruition in 2017. Her professional career includes holding various roles with Fine Art Auctions, Galleries, and the Decorative Art Market as the creator of Ready2hangart.com. Her deep passion, profound drive, and expansive history rooted in the arts fostered her ability to understand different perspectives, helping her to create the focus for her own Fine Art Gallery, R2H Modern. Her establishment offers versatile curated collections of work with a transparent, streamlined experience. A firm believer that artists and their work have a special story to tell, she feels it’s one of her inherent roles to articulate and share it, as it deserves to be told. 

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For inquiries or further details please contact gallery@r2hmodern.com

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