About the Artist

Sarah LaPierre (American, b. 1991)

Millennial artist Sarah LaPierre’s vibrant energy is palpable in her brilliantly colorful, textured paintings. With a deep affection for nature, she brings life to an array of organic subject matter including beach scenes, sunsets, palm trees, and sweet tropical fruits. Using thick-bodied acrylics and a variety of palette knives, she transports onlookers into a utopia of euphoric bliss. A truly prolific painter, she pushes the boundaries of traditional, using baking tools to paint when she can’t find palette knives that are large enough to her liking. Sarah’s work is continually evolving and her creative spirit forever growing like the tropical plants she loves and nurtures at her home in Florida. She loves the outdoors and chillin’ with her feisty cats Dredd and Ditto and her friendly meathead dog Dex. Her late father, artist Joseph LaPierre remains the strongest influence in her creative ventures.