About the Artist

Samerra (Filipino, b. 1981)

Like a magical unicorn, international abstract artist Samerra speaks the language of color, translating ethereal thoughts and feelings into tangible works of art. Her emotive paintings play on all the senses and evoke a dreamlike state of consciousness, likened to peering into the mystery of the cosmos. In order to create her unique signature style, she sways from the conventional, employing tools like plungers and balloons when a brush just won’t do the trick. Her process is intuitive, an animated adventure to blissful realms. Samerra’s spirit sparkles in her pseudo psychedelic creations. Her work is pure meditation, an effervescent state of being. Samerra’s creative curiosity and enthusiastic energy have her continually glob-trotting with her partner in crime, Brian, to far away lands from which she draws eternal inspiration.