About the Artist

Megan James (American, b. 1984)

Her journey as an Artist began pretty much the moment her parents put a pencil her hands. She was born in Miami and moved to West Palm as a young girl. Working mostly with faces and human forms, she started creating commission pieces for friends and family when she was a teen. She moved to North Carolina in high school and began to really focus on her style and craft – dabbling into different mediums like photography, sculpture and painting. The community in NC was incredibly supportive of the arts. She rented her first studio space in an Atelier and enjoyed doing shows and collaborating regularly. At the age of 21 she moved back to Florida and began putting her creative energy into a business dedicated to animals, and during that time she also got married and started a family. There were about 7 years where she created in various ways like interior design, styling, blogging and cooking but her closest friends and family constantly asked the question: “When are you getting back to your art?” It wasn’t until 2016 that she returned to her calling, when she experienced the gift of some major life changes, leading her back to creating full time and really making a career out of it.  At 33, she feels that she has learned a lot about work ethic, responsibility and patience – all of which has molded her into a better, more resilient and productive artist. For Megan, being an artist comes down to believing in her creativity and being responsible with her energy, knowing how to work and honoring her needs as a creative person – which includes being in a place of learning, allowing herself to explore and have new experiences just for the sake of filling her heart with new connections, ultimately fostering her creativity. In her experience, most limitations are perceived blockages that can actually be moved aside with some awareness and good work. She’s had to build up her creative trust muscles by trying new things and really trusting the process. She believes the work she was doing a year ago, has a direct effect on her work today. It’s never too late to lean into your creativity, and the possibilities of it!

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