About the Artist

Dana McMillan (American, b. 20th Century)

Dana has had an interest in Fine Arts her entire life. Loving to draw at an early age, she studied art and business in college. After graduation, she worked in sales and marketing while continuing to paint. It was something that she loved to do and still loves to this day! Impressionism is the style that she was most drawn to but has developed her own style. Her subject matter usually includes loose landscapes, but she also loves capturing figures; people in their everyday lives. Her heart feels the fullest when she’s surrounded by her family on the beach. The majority of her work includes scenic natural locations; a setting sun on the coastline, a river lined with autumn trees or a summer cottage tucked away. Dana couldn’t be happier with her career path, expressing “having the opportunity to be an artist and paint for a living is the best possible way I could have imagined living my life.” She paints daily, ranging from commissioned pieces to gallery selections.